Piano Studio

All Ages & Levels

A wonderful privilege of being a piano teacher is being able to share the gift of music and inspire the students through the music making process. Dr. Kim believes learning to play the piano will not only enrich one’s life, but also teaches important life skills such as diligence, dedication and perseverance.

Private instruction by Dr. Kim focuses on the artistic playing, technical proficiency, performance skills and ultimately, the enjoyment of playing the piano and developing a lifelong appreciation for music. Additionally, Dr. Kim will guide the students to develop a good practice habit, problem solving skills, knowledge in music theory and history, sight-reading and aural skills, through which the students will gain more confidence and independence towards expressing their own thoughts and emotions through their playing. 

The curriculum and repertoire may be designed according to each student’s individual needs, interests, potential and learning styles. Although Dr. Kim is a classically trained pianist, her teaching repertoire is not limited to the western classical music, but open to teach other genres of students’ interest.

Dr. Kim’s students have performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as winners of International Piano Competitions for young artists, and have been recipients of RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) certifications.

Dr. Kim is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA),

New Jersey Music Teachers Association (NJMTA) and the Music Educators Association of New Jersey (MEANJ). 

Dr. Kim welcomes students of all ages and levels. She is also happy to advise students who need help in preparation for competitions, college/conservatory auditions, music examinations, summer festivals, recitals, etc.

Lesson location is at Dr. Kim’s home studio in Wayne, NJ.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kim has continued to provide music education through Zoom online lessons. The studio is equipped with multiple cameras to enhance the student's visual learning process. Dr. Kim also leverages a tablet to interactively teach music theory.

If you would like to have an initial consultation or have any questions, please use the contact button below.

Child Playing Piano

Performance Opportunities

Students are encouraged to perform on a regular basis and participate in recitals, local and state events, festivals, competitions, etc.
A variety of performance opportunities encourage students to grow as artists and develop their self-confidence as they learn the art of performance in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Sheet Music Edits

RCM Examination & Certificate Program

The Royal Conservatory Examination Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary to Advanced levels.
The RCM inspires excellence through individual student examinations and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the world.
RCM’s integrated curriculum encompasses repertoire from classical to contemporary, as well as etudes, ear tests, sight reading, technique, and theory.
For more information, visit www.rcmusic.com

Playing Piano

Adult Lessons

Whether it is your first time playing the piano or you had piano lessons as a child, it is never too late to start learning to play the piano at any age.
The lesson curriculum will be tailored towards the adult student's individual goal and level. The lessons may include basic music theory, piano technique, general musicianship, lead sheet reading, learning the student's favorite songs of any genre or style.